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SMM Social Media Marketing

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social mediaServicesGood Very Good The Best
Social Media Strategy (Detailed) (Detailed)
Account Setups
Profile Optimisation
Business Page Creation
Total Posts/Week246
Edited Image Posts
Boost a Popular Post
Lead Generation
Dynamic Creative Ads
Catalog Manager
Look Alike Audience
Review Postings
Edited Video Posts
Create Paid Campaign(s)2/Monthly 2/Weekly Unlimited
Pixel Installation
Manage Paid Campaign(s)
ReportingMonthly Bi-Monthly Weekly
Create Animated Video Posts1/Monthly 3/Monthly
Content Creation/Videography1/Monthly
Audience Engagement
Respond to Messages
Dedicated Account Strategist
GoodGet QuotationVery GoodGet QuotationThe BestGet Quotation


All our services come with cash back guarantees, which showcases our confidence in what we do. However, if no results found check the mentioned - below terms under which the guarantees are implied

* Good package will get 25% Cashback Guarantee, Very Good package will get 50% Cashback Guarantee and The Best package will get 100% Cashback Guarantee.

  • All the Guaranteed services must be conducted from the packages selected and continued within a minimum committed time period mentioned at the bottom of each package.
  • At Techbay Solutions, we believe in delivering the results with guaranteed ROI that includes the detailed study of current marketing position and for that Techbay will require some business information in order to initiate and improve your current sales status.
  • A Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be signed between the both parties to maintain confidentiality of the information given by either of the parties.
  • Last but not the least, believe in us, as we believe in you!